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Humidity & Temperature in Tableting

RH…relative humidity & temperature in tablet manufacturing must be “constant”…variations are what cause so many problems.  There is no one perfect number for all products as the nature of raw materials is so different. Each and every powder reacts differently to temperature and humidity.  For some products very dry air will cause segregation of ingredients, and too high of humidity for others will cause huge sticking problems.  The key is maintaining a constant temperature and humidity.  Most companies have low temperature and average humidity in the early morning hours; but, as the day progresses, machines and rooms’ heat up, and humidity from the outside changes, this creates problems so much so that the way a product runs in the morning is completely different than how it runs in the afternoon hours.  I have customers that cannot run certain products on rainy days or when the temperature is too high…conversely I have customers who cannot run products when it is to dry.  The bottom line is that humidity & temperature must remain as constant as possible…so look at when your product is most successful and when it is troublesome and you will have established parameters to guide you and to use as a caution to avoid problems.

Posted by Mike on October 16th, 2008 :: Filed under Tableting
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