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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Techceuticals is pleased to complete this development.  For the past four years we have been building a comprehensive train the trainer program.  This program is based on our flagship The Manufacturing Process.  Your company can now qualify a company trainer to be certified to deliver this program at your facility for new employee onboarding and for experienced employees alike. Once certified your trainer will be certified to train at your company with Techceuticals provided training and testing materials

Pre-requisite:  Has achieved a Techceuticals Certificate of completion for “The Manufacturing Process ”Training Class Schedule:  Feb 6-10.

Costs:  $7,500 for the train the trainer class

Training Materials: Printed testing and training manuals with Master PowerPoint program $225 per person

Certification Period:  This is an annual Certification process that requires annul retesting of the trainer and a renewal fee of $4,500

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