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Defect Resolution & Problem Solving

Defect Resolution & Problem Solving

Defects Resolution is an advanced version of our boilerplate program “Solid Dose Manufacturing”.  This program is not for the novice.  We highly recommend that the participant either have at least 3 years of true manufacturing experience, attended our “Solid Dose Manufacturing program” or our “The Manufacturing Process” training programs.

This is a three day comprehensive course which delves into  common problems throughout the entire tablet and capsule manufacturing process. This session will include machine demonstrations and opportunities to setup and operate equipment alongside experts from the industry.  This course  limited to 16 people per event to assure a learning experience.

We will discuss common formulating mistakes and how to solve them.  We will prepare powder, establish order of addition, define proper screening, demonstrate wet and dry granulating, setup and operate oscillating, conical, and hammer mills, use low and high shear blenders, setup and operate a tablet press and make tablets by hand, operate 3 different types of  two-piece hard-shell capsules fillers and film coat tablets.

The participant will be better prepared in the art of troubleshooting the entire solid dose process.  This program will help to improve manufacturing performance and provide a thorough understanding how to define root causes and how to take corrective actions.


This program will put different departments on the same page and is an excellent platform for in-house training.

Even the most experienced veteran will gain from this seminar. This will be the most enjoyable and educational seminar you have ever attended.

For Additional Information and Course Details:


Phone: 866-627-7048


Topics & Schedule

Day 1—8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • Unit Operations
  • Common Formulating Mistakes
  • Order of Addition & Proper Screening
  • Dry Granulating

Day 2—8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • Wet Granulating
  • Milling and Blending
  • Tablet Operations

Day 3—8:30 am – 3:30 pm

  • Tooling Operations
  • Defects & Solutions
  • Coating
  • Encapsulation
  • Summary / Q&A


Course Information:

Course Fee and information

This course fee will include a detailed course manual, personalized training certificate

Fee Schedule:

  • Single: $2,695 each
  • 2-4 People: $2,395 each
  • 5 or more people: $1,995 each