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Formula and Batch Records

Formula and Batch Records

Many customers prefer guidance, and others want hands-on assistance to develop, or optimize formulations and written batch production records. We evaluate and provide formulations based on the processing and and manufacturing equipment within your facility and can make equipment recommendations. When necessary, we can recommend and provide training on any new equipment technology, or write the SOP needed to train your employees on your equipment.


Formulation Review: a fast and effective way to get a little helping hand and a second opinion, or a way to avert an unforseen problem. Usually a same day or two day turnaround. On a daily basis we provide customers with this assistance.

Batch Record Review: A complete recipe review of each step in the process for the purpose of reviewing the batch record documents, or fixing a problem within the batch record. May times the formula is just fine, but the addition of the ingredients may need to be adjusted to solve or prevent a problem.

Formulation Development: We will develop a complete new formulation with you, or for you. This can be done from our desktop initially, and then we can come and fine tune it for your equipment and application.

Batch Record Creation: We often provide a complete batch record for your specific application and with the equipment and processes you have available now. We can be your team, or help your team and complete this over the phone or in person.

Optimization: Many times customers have a need for speed, but the product will not run any faster, no matter how fancy the tablet press. We can help work within the formula to optimize the steps within the operation without changing anything and help you optimize your product to make it better than you could imagine withou having to re-file or start over.