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Immediate help with investigations, defects, CAPA’s and performance related issues in all areas of manufacturing:  Granulating, Milling, Blending, Tablet Compression, Tooling, encapsulation, film coating, bottle & blister packaging

Our Tech-team can come to your site anywhere on the planet and provide immediate troubleshooting services.  Techceuticals name and reputation is based on this capability.  We have provided companies around the world with immediate solutions.  We pride ourselves with getting to the core issue quickly.  We have a reputation of getting in and getting out quickly, it is not our objective to drag out a project.  While other consultants and troubleshooters are busy circling the wagon we establish root cause and provide a comprehensive solution from several perspectives.   We are often called in to help define probable root cause for common and uncommon tablet and capsule defects which involves the entire process including sieving, ingredient addition, granulating, blending, milling, tablet press & tooling, coating and encapsulation performance.

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