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“The best training I have had in twenty years!”

Nik Steinert

“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for the training this week. I’ve dealt with a lot of consultants and trainers in a number of industries and I’ve never met anyone who has put the time, dedication, effort, or CARE into their craft like you do. I held a training session today with the guys on 2nd shift concerning the NP-500 touch screen and paddle feeders, and they were all in. I could see the same spark in them that they had in your class. It was awesome! I’ve seen many consultants just cash checks, but you are the real deal. We aren’t going to let your training go to waste. I’m already writing SOP’s based on your curriculum. Thanks again!”

George Mizikar, Tech Services Research Scientist / Atrium

“It was great and very beneficial having you here last week.  We would have struggled much more without your expertise, thank you.  I know the participants thought it was an excellent opportunity for them to be getting knowledge in the fundamentals of the tablet manufacturing.”

Bob Astleford, Director of Operations / Xlear, Inc.

“Many thanks for your valuable feedback, we’ll keep you posted on our upcoming trials.  Your comments once again were very helpful.”

Anthony Grenier, Manager, Technology Transfer and Sourcing / Paladin Labs, Inc.

“Thank you, Mike, for all the support we’ve received from Techceuticals with the start-up and training of our employees on our tablet blending and compression team.  Your knowledge and expertise in the field has been invaluable to us and I would strongly recommend your services to all.  Your training courses have shown us what we need to look for in order to maintain an efficient operation and we also appreciate the continuing support thru phone calls and email.  I can speak for our team and say again that we “Thank You” for all you’ve done and continued Support.”

Greg Terranova, Production Manager / VPX Sports

“Thanks to Mike from Techceuticals who suggested a solution to a big problem we were having with black marks on our tablets – his speedy & to the point advice saved a whole batch of our food supplement, ZMA from being tossed in the trash!”

D. Leitch / Mainline Supplements Ltd

“Since our start-up in 1997, Mike Tousey and the Techceuticals staff have been an invaluable resource for Nutritional Laboratories.  They have provided turn-key solutions for our original manufacturing process designs, for packaging line expansions, and several new granulation/tabletting operations.  Mike’s tablet and capsule manufacturing expertise has helped us quickly resolve several formulation and tablet compression problems.  Also, his well organized and polished training courses have consistently received high praise from our operators, supervisors, and managers.  We continue to use Techceuticals for training, problem solving, and equipment, and I strongly recommend Mike, with his many years of industry experience, to anyone that has tablet and capsule manufacturer operations”

Scott Bunge, Engineering Manager / Nutritional Laboratories, Int’l

“I thank you and your organization for your courtesy in this matter, I reference the information provided in your magazine as current and state of the art.
The coating department sure will be educated beyond their current knowledge base by listening to the webinar entitled Aqueous Coating 101…I thank each and every one of you for providing the industry with such great materials.”

Albert Smith, Technical Educator / KV Pharmaceutical

“Hands on is the best way to teach a class like this. I came to your class in may with no knowledge at all and came to this class with a little knowledge.  Still have a long way to go.”

Merl Keller, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Great to be able to take lessons learned and put them to practice on actual equipment.”

Tim Kingsley, Zoetis

“Mike is a fantastic teacher, really good at explaining very complicated material. Making it very easy to understand. Very hands on classes that help to learn the material a lot faster.”

Dylan Barr, Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc.

“Wonderful class!! As someone from outside the industry this class was filled with “Big Picture” information as well as “in-depth” knowledge presented in a clear and easy to understand format.”

David Larsen, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Mike is extremely knowledgeable. This is a great class no matter if you have no experience or many years of experience you will leave more equipped to work in the industry and be successful. The hands on work in the class is invaluable.”

Brian Johnson, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Mike is very personable, knowledgeable and very clean communicator. I saved a lot of time and money by attending the course.”

Brick Ogden, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Tablet Pro was a great learning experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone who works at a solid dose facility. Mike gives a hands on experience that trumps any lecture type class.”

Jeremy Allen, Techceuticals Lab Student

“This course was a great experience and I would take it again. I have a little experience in manufacturing and after 2 1/2 days, I feel like I have 2 1/2 years of experience. I enjoyed the hands on experience and would recommend this course to anyone.”

Jacqueline Rodriguez, Techceuticals Lab Student

“This is the best training program that I have ever attended.”

Joshua Wickey, Zoetis

“Great class, I highly recommend this class for all professionals involved in supporting tableting operations.”

Techceuticals Lab Student

“The class was exactly what I needed as a Quality Assurance Batch Record Reviewer! I learned such valuable information about multiple manufacturing processes and equipment from an expert in the industry.”

Emily Kalbarczyk

“This is my second trainin course at Techceuticals and I have learned a great deal of knowledge. Mike Tousey really knows his stuff!”

Michael Henderson

“Techceuticals provides an in depth look into Tablet making, but what set the seminar apart is Mike’s availability to address issues specific to the individuals attending and the needs of their facilities. Not only does the course educate on the operation of presses but also on the techniques to use when training employees when returning to work. Professional from all spectrums of the industry whether experienced or not, WILL walk away with an increased knowledge and the ability to apply it. Very enjoyable and educational.”

Chadd Clifford 

“Awesome presentation, very hands on, I learned a great deal in a 2 1/2 day time-frame.”

Josh Macpherson

“Mike is not afraid to tell it like it is. It is the BLEND! With proper setup, the blend is at fault.”

Luke Marvin

“Class is beneficial to multiple parties from R&D to plant operation as it ties the characteristics of the powder to the various settings of a press. The development of a tablet should do the same.”

Laetitia Lerog

“As someone who is new to the industry I found the course easy to follow. Mike does a good job of translating the theory and technical terms into layman terms. This helped in understanding the concepts.”

Chris Wells

“Excellent course, lots of information presented in a fun, interactive manner. As someone new to the solid dose industry, there were a lot of good take-aways and things that will be useful and applicable to the job.”

Brandon Kovacs

“The best 1 stop shop training on the market.”

Jeff Danta

“I am using older equipment, some of it is worn or bad. I felt good about the class and things I leanerd to help my company. This will help us produce a quality product .”

John Paap

“My tablet making horizons have vastly expanded. Thank you for the valuable information.”

Zak Pencil

“Solid Dose Manufacturing course at Techceuticals is one of the greatest courses out there for operators in manufacturing facilities and anybody who is interested to know more about solid does manufacturing. It is very informative and demo oriented. Mike and David are awesome!!”

Sima Rantis