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3090, 3200, 2090, 2200, 1200.

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Federal Equipment Company showcases an inventory of available equipment that cannot be found at any other single source – everything you need from raw material and ingredient production through finished dose and product packaging.

The Federal Equipment Company brand story is really about affordable reliability – reliable equipment, immediately available at an affordable price that can be used to produce safe and effective products.  They accomplish this by acquiring equipment from sources who spare no expense in the design and construction of that equipment.  And we offer services to train, troubleshoot and evaluate processes and formulations.  Everything we do helps our customers reliably, efficiently, and affordable

produce more quality products at the end of their production lines. The Techceuticals brand story is the unique ability to provide the technical know-how and support that takes years to develop and there is no other company providing this unique blend of expertise to the manufacture and packaging of tablets & capsules in the world. Uniquely the combination of affordable quality equipment with the support and technology provides customers with far more than any other company can offer.

If you’re looking for equipment Techceuticals can assist with selection, training, troubleshooting and more. Our alliance with Federal Equipment Company strengthens the quality of your next equipment purchase.

Continue on to Federal Equipment Company’s website to view their vast selection of equipment.

Federal Equipment Company

Federal Equipment Company maintains an extensive inventory of processing equipment for pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries, as well as food and beverage, paper, converting, and others. More than than 900,000 square feet of storage in their facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. Much of this is environmentally-controlled storage, ideal for pharmaceutical equipment.