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Comprehensive pharmaceutical training courses for manufacturing solid dosage products

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In-person training at the Techceuticals Lab
Techceuticals Lab - Cleveland, OH

In-Person Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training Courses in the Lab at Techceuticals

Techceuticals offers a one-of-a-kind classroom-lab experience, showcasing world-class pharmaceutical equipment in use at our pilot plant lab. Attendees participate in live demonstrations of manufacturing principles, enhancing their understanding of essential processes. Our hands-on approach goes beyond theoretical concepts, providing a unique opportunity to not only observe but also operate real pharmaceutical production machines, fostering a practical understanding of the processes involved.

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Your Facility

Customized On-Site Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training Courses at Your Facility

Techceuticals brings expert-led pharmaceutical manufacturing education directly to your facility, tailoring courses to your team's specific needs and equipment. Our experienced instructors combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on demonstrations, utilizing your in-house machinery and practices for a comprehensive learning experience. Training at your facility fosters greater team collaboration in a familiar and convenient setting.


Live Virtual Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training via Microsoft Teams

Discover expert-led pharmaceutical manufacturing training via Microsoft Teams, combining in-person course quality with online accessibility. Engage in real-time collaboration, hands-on demonstrations, and group discussions in a dynamic, virtual environment that caters to your team's specific needs and promotes skill development.


Solid Dose eTraining: Comprehensive Online Manufacturing Training

Techceuticals collaborates with Natoli Engineering Company to deliver Solid Dose Operations eTraining, an all-encompassing online learning tool for pharmaceutical professionals. Catering to both newcomers and seasoned experts, our eTraining offers in-depth coverage of tablet and capsule production, packaging processes, and industry best practices.

Topics encompass powder preparation, dry granulation, wet granulation, direct compression, mixing, milling, blending, tablet compression, and capsule filling, supplying your team with additional knowledge to excel in essential pharmaceutical production processes.

Introductory pharmaceutical manufacturing course at Techceuticals
Introductory Course

Solid Dosage Manufacturing Process Training

A comprehensive solid dose training course for novices and experts, imparting essential principles and concepts while enabling participants to understand equipment, processes, and powder manipulation techniques for tablet and capsule production across any facility. The program also provides hands-on experience, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of solid dose manufacturing.

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Advanced Courses

Tableting, Encapsulation,

Film Coating Technologies, and Granulation Technologies

Hands-on, comprehensive solid dose training courses for novices and experts, enabling participants to understand equipment, processes, and powder manipulation techniques for tablet and capsule production across any facility.

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Advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing courses at Techceuticals
Management and Executive Process Training at Techceuticals
Specialized Course

Management and Executive Process Training

A course tailored for supervisors, managers, and executives, aimed at providing a higher-level proficiency in manufacturing processes, principles, and techniques, including operational aspects. This fast-paced program is designed to equip new or transferred leaders with the essential knowledge to foster team cohesion and effectively guide operations toward success, ultimately driving performance and enhancing the bottom line.

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Specialized Course

Business Development

Enhance your business development expertise with Techceuticals' specialized training, focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing principles, processes, and equipment. Gain a deeper understanding of drug production to provide informed, accurate quotes and build lasting relationships with your clients. Equip yourself with the knowledge to drive success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Business Development Training courses at Techceuticals

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