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Solid Dose Training - At Your Facility

The Manufacturing Process and Troubleshooting Course is a comprehensive solid dose training course that has been in the making since 1977. Loaded with practical information on how tablets and capsules are made, it is designed for experts and novices alike, putting the entire manufacturing team on the same page. The participant will be able to identify machinery, why it is used, and what it does. In other words, the participant will be able to go into any facility and understand the equipment and process at a glance. This training event is a hands-on, step by step program, covering why…… (click to learn more).

Tablet Pro II is a comprehensive hands-on seminar focusing on tablet making and the tablet making process. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the processes that impact tablet production, including a hands-on session on how to set-up, operate, and clean a tablet press. Together with ways to solve common tablet defects, this training provides the basics about…(click to learn more).

Immediate help with investigations, defects, CAPA’s and performance related issues in all areas of manufacturing:  Granulating, Milling, Blending, Tablet Compression, Tooling, encapsulation, film coating, bottle & blister packaging. Our Tech-team can come to your site anywhere on the planet and provide immediate troubleshooting services.  Techceuticals name and reputation is based on this capability.  We have provided companies around the world with immediate solutions.  We pride ourselves with getting to the core issue quickly. (click to learn more).

Our Tech team can quickly assess operator skill levels, machine condition, procedures, environment, maintenance, change-overs and performance criteria.  Within a short period of time we can help establish effective means of evaluating and improving operations of all manufacturing and packaging departments.  Our experts have many years of experience that are proven to be effective.  If you want a low-cost way of improving performance this is a great place to start. (click to learn more).

You can join us in our Lab or we can come to you to fix and improve common flow, compression and ejection problems.  Often overcoming capping, sticking, delamination, friability, hardness, disintegration and dissolution issues simply by enhancing the way in which ingredients are prepared.  This can be done without changing the formulation.  Order of addition with the blend, blend hold time, and machine performance adjustments can mean the difference in a troubled production run and in optimized performance. (click to learn more).

Our tech team can help assess your needs and define the correct equipment for the application.  We often hear how someone was sold the wrong equipment, or it wasn’t in the condition they expected.  We can provide the right equipment for your process and budget. We aren’t manufacturer’s representatives and we don’t come in the door with equipment replacement on our mind.  Years of experience with tablet press, encapsulation machines, coating systems, mills, blenders, and granulators allow our…. (click to learn more).

This involves a lot more than turning up the speed.  Increasing productivity isn’t effective if machines get worn out or worse, damaged. Yet, that is what we often see.  We can help evaluate the product, environment, equipment setup and operation to maximize performance reducing downtime and change over time. (click to learn more).

If you want improved performance there can be nothing more important and effective than making certain a machine is setup with tooling that is inspected and in proper condition.  If you don’t know the tooling condition a good percentage of troubleshooting is out of control before the run even starts.  We can help your team care for, clean, repair and polish tooling effectively for….(click to learn more).

If there is one area we developed over the years it is in the area of working on the production floor to help operators become technicians and to build strong production teams.  We can reduce the learning curve and provide programs that will make your team more effective.  We focus on machine setup, operation, cleaning, and maintenance.  We know what it takes to reduce downtime by empowering your team with the tools and knowledge needed to….(click to learn more).

Manager and Executive Education are quick and effective sessions designed to help new or recently transferred supervisors, managers and executives with the detail needed to understand the complete manufacturing and packing environment, designed to improve that bottom line.  There are circumstances where learning become tribal, we bring a unique perspective that….(click to learn more).

We work alongside your team and provide guidance and training on what to look for and how to properly evaluate the entire manufacturing and packaging processes.  Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO’s) welcome our teams, they know…..(click to learn more).

Getting new employees up to speed can be costly and take too much time.  We have programs designed specifically to reduce the learning curve and….(click to learn more).