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Packaging of Tablets and Capsules

Packaging of Tablets and Capsules

Packaging Line Operations Training covers each component of the solid dosage – tablet & capsule packaging line; setup, operation, cleaning, changeover, covering a wide variety of applications. Each packaging line component item is discussed separately: Unscrambler, Bottle Cleaner, Counter/Fillers, Cottoner, Capper, Induction Sealer, Retorquer, Body/Neck Bander, Labeler and accumulation. We will also discuss line integration, inspections stations and troubleshooting. Many different types of applications will be covered in detail. We will focus on Bottles (plastic & glass), Caps, Cotton, Labels, Coding, Shrink wraps, Inserts, and Outserts. We will discuss line speed, machine flow and process and the roll of the operator. A complete training manual will be provided for each participant.


Who Should Attend:

Packaging Line Operators, Leads, Supervisors, Managers, QA and Technical Services. Each participant will understand complete packaging line operations, how equipment works and proper line set-up and change over. We will address feeding systems and product flow. The participant will attain a clear understand of quality of packaging. This program is designed to be used for future in house training. Your training staff will be able to take this presentation and develop a sound in-house program for training new employees in the future.

This one day course, often presented for two shifts over two days. Day one is usually given to 2nd shift and day two is given to 1st shift. This training session is given in the classroom for 5 hours and one hour on the packaging floor to review and apply classroom instruction.


This Course Covers:

Solid Dose Packaging Training covers each component of the packaging line, setup, operation, cleaning, changeover, covering a wide variety of applications. Each packaging line component item is discussed separately: Unscrambler, Bottle Cleaner, Counter/Fillers, Cottoner, Capper, Induction Sealer, Retorquer, Body/ Neck Bander, Labeler, Over-wrapper, Cartoning and Conveyors. We will also discuss line integration, inspections stations and troubleshooting. Many different types of applications will be covered in detail. We will focus on Bottles (plastic & glass), Caps, Cotton, Labels, Coding, Shrink wraps, Inserts, Outserts, and bundlers. We will discuss line speed, machine flow and process and the roll of the operator. Supervisor function and line management will be main topics.


Topics & Schedule

  • 2nd Shift: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • 1st Shift: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Course Fee and Information:


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Classroom doors open at 8 am. Dress: Casual