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Coating Technologies

Coating Technologies

Coating Technologies is a two day event focused on  batch, continuous and Wurster technologies used to coat tablets, hard shell, and softgel capsules.

We will walk through the entire process of preparing the solutions, cleaning and setting up the equipment, calibration and run several batches of different tablets and capsules.

We will provide an explanation of each step in the process, common terminology, and provide practical knowledge of each topic. Hands on breakout sessions will be part of this course!

The topics covered:

  • Solution preparation of common coatings and enteric coatings.
  • AHU system design of inlet air including temperature and humidity control
  • Coating system setup and control features
  • Core inspection and spray application
  • Drying, cooling, and unloading procedures

The participant will be able to quickly look at a formula and determine the processes used to manufacture it. They will be able to go into any pharmaceutical or supplement company and understand the equipment and the manufacturing pathways.

This program will put different departments on the same page and is an excellent platform for in-house training.


For Additional Information and Course Details:



Phone: 866-627-7048


Topics & Schedule


Day 1—8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • Introduction and coating technologies
  • Solution preparation-hands on
  • Equipment Inspection and setup—hands on
  • Startup, Operation and end of batch-hands-on

Day 3—8:30 am – 3:30 pm

  • Coating delivery systems and test runs-hands-on
  • Continuous coating technology—demonstration
  • Wurster coating Technology—demonstration
  • Summary / Q&A

Course Fee and information

Custom course pricing and agenda are determined during the scheduling and quoation process. To learn more please email course includes a detailed course manual, personalized training certificate.

*Classroom doors open at 8 am   Dress: Casual