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JRS Pharma Equipment
JRS Pharma

JRS Pharma is recognized for its contribution to the pharmaceutical industry as a leading developer and manufacturer of excipients. Its extensive portfolio includes high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. Founded in 1878, the JRS Group has amassed over 135 years of experience, making it a key partner in the global health science sector. The company's infrastructure spans 7 R&D centers, 31 production sites, and 25 sales offices across the world, ensuring comprehensive support and efficient solutions to formulation challenges faced by its customers. JRS Pharma is committed to advancing pharmaceutical development by providing high-quality, innovative excipient solutions that enhance product efficacy and manufacturing efficiency.


Hear from Tony Carpanzano, Director of R&D at JRS Pharma, and his experiences working with students in the Techceuticals Lab.

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