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Glatt Equipment
Glatt Equipment

Glatt, a global leader in fluidized bed technology, offers integrated process solutions and comprehensive support services for pharmaceutical and related powder processing industries. Founded in 1954, Glatt has four areas of expertise: Process Technology Pharma, which focuses on fluidized beds; Pharmaceutical Services, specializing in developing solid pharmaceutical dosage forms; Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, providing fluidized and spouted bed systems for various industries; and Process & Plant Engineering, which manages worldwide plant construction projects. With 14 branches and subsidiaries, Glatt is committed to delivering innovative solutions across multiple sectors.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Glatt Midi-Glatt Fluidized Bed System
The Glatt Midi-Glatt Fluidized Bed System in the Techceuticals lab is an innovative piece of equipment used for training in granulation, coating, and drying processes. This versatile, compact system enables trainees to learn and experience the fluidized bed technology used in pharmaceutical production. The Midi-Glatt is designed for efficient handling and easy operation, providing hands-on experience in various applications such as top spray granulation, bottom spray coating, and drying. Its user-friendly design and advanced features make it a valuable training tool for those seeking to understand fluidized bed processing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Glatt TMG 1/6 Tabletop High-Shear Granulator
The Glatt TMG 1/6 Tabletop High-Shear Granulator is a compact, state-of-the-art piece of equipment in the Techceuticals lab, specifically designed for training purposes. It offers a hands-on learning experience for students to understand high-shear granulation techniques used in pharmaceutical production. This efficient and easy-to-operate granulator allows trainees to practice wet granulation, an essential process in solid dosage form manufacturing. The TMG 1/6 model's small-scale design, quick setup, and precise control features make it an ideal training tool for mastering high-shear granulation processes in a laboratory setting.

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