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Riva Equipment
Riva Equipment

RIVA S.A., an Argentine family-owned company founded in 1954, specializes in manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical equipment, particularly rotary tablet presses. These presses adhere to GMP guidelines and comply with FDA and CE standards, including mechanical and software validations and IQ/OQ protocol documentation. The company also offers accessories such as tablet dedusters, powder laminators, punches, and dies. RIVA S.A.'s Technical Assistance department provides support for maintaining optimal equipment performance with trained technicians and modern diagnostic tools. Catering to multinational pharmaceutical laboratories, the company focuses on continuous investment in development, quality standards, cutting-edge technology, and human resources. Currently managed by the second and third generations of the Riva family, RIVA S.A. remains dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services to its clients.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Riva Piccola R&D Tablet Press
The Riva Piccola R&D Tablet Press in the Techceuticals lab is an innovative, compact tablet press designed for research, development, and small-scale production. This high-precision machine offers versatility and flexibility for producing a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes. As part of our training courses, participants will gain hands-on experience operating the Riva Piccola, learning about tablet formulation, press setup, and troubleshooting techniques. This state-of-the-art equipment enables students to deepen their understanding of the tablet production process and to acquire the skills necessary for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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