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Dott. Bonapace Equipment
Dott. Bonapace Equipment

Dott. Bonapace & C., an Italian company with a century-old pharmaceutical heritage, specializes in manufacturing lab-scale machines for R&D and pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1872, it has evolved into a globally renowned provider of suppository/ovule machines, capsule filling machines, and tabletting units. With over 5,000 customers worldwide, including ministries of health and state enterprises, Dott. Bonapace & C. is committed to innovation, continuously improving, and designing new products to maintain its leading position in the pharmaceutical industry.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Dott Bonapace In-Cap Capsule Filler
The Dott Bonapace In-Cap Capsule Filler at the Techceuticals lab is a versatile, semi-automatic capsule filling machine designed for both R&D and small-scale production. Techceuticals trainees gain practical experience operating this compact yet powerful capsule filler, learning about its efficient process and precise dosing capabilities. Suitable for a wide range of capsule sizes and formulations, the In-Cap Capsule Filler provides an excellent platform for understanding the intricacies of encapsulation. Enhance your capsule filling knowledge with the Dott Bonapace In-Cap Capsule Filler at the Techceuticals lab.

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