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GlobePharma Equipment
GlobePharma Equipment

GlobePharma, founded in 1993, initially introduced the Model I Unit-Dose Powder Sampler. Over time, the company expanded its product range to include over 25 variations of samplers for bulk and unit-dose powder, liquid, and semi-solid materials. GlobePharma now offers blenders, R&D tablet presses, instrumentation, powder segregation testers, mills, granulators, valves, and cleaning validation tools. Serving pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, automotive, and cosmetic industries, the company provides solid-dosage form equipment from lab to pilot scale and continues to develop innovative products for various applications.

In The Techceuticals Lab

GlobePharma MaxiBlend Lab Twin Shell Blender
The GlobePharma MaxiBlend Lab Twin Shell Blender, featured in the Techceuticals lab, provides trainees with hands-on experience in blending pharmaceutical powders and granules efficiently. This versatile lab-scale blender is specifically designed for training classes and formulation development work. Its compact and user-friendly design offers precise control over the blending process, ensuring uniform mixing and excellent content uniformity. The MaxiBlend Twin Shell Blender is an essential tool for understanding and mastering the blending techniques required in pharmaceutical manufacturing, giving trainees valuable practical knowledge to excel in the industry.

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