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Sartorious Equipment
Sartorious Equipment

Sartorius is a leading global provider of laboratory and biopharmaceutical process technologies, headquartered in Göttingen, Germany. The company offers products such as precision balances, pipettes, filtration systems, bioreactors, and analytical instruments. Operating through two divisions—Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services—Sartorius focuses on enhancing research, optimizing manufacturing processes, and ensuring quality control. Known for its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Sartorius delivers cutting-edge solutions that contribute to scientific progress and improve healthcare worldwide.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Sartorius Digital Scale, Model CAPS4-150GF-I, 25" x 20"
The Sartorius Digital Scale, Model CAPS4-150GF-I, is a high-precision weighing instrument in the Techceuticals lab, designed for accurate measurement of raw materials and finished products. With a 25" x 20" platform, this reliable scale ensures consistent results and precise data in formulation and development work. During our training courses, participants learn the importance of accurate weighing and proper handling of materials, utilizing this state-of-the-art scale to enhance their understanding of quality control processes and good manufacturing practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

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