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Torpac Equipment
Torpac Equipment

Torpac specializes in providing pharmaceutical empty capsules in custom sizes, lab-scale equipment, and plastic applicators and components to the animal health, human pharmaceutical and nutritional industry. Their capsules are made in sizes for cattle and other food-producing animals, pre-clinical trials, and specialty applications such as medical devices and bath toys. Torpac's lab-scale equipment includes ProFiller capsule fillers, mixers, mills, molds, and more, with over 10,000 machines in use globally. They also offer injection molding for components from food-grade resins to high precision for pharmaceutical applications. Torpac has operations in the USA, Europe, and India.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Torpac ProFiller Capsule Filling System
The Torpac ProFiller Capsule Filling System is a versatile and efficient tool used in the Techceuticals lab for training and formulation development. This semi-automatic capsule filler is designed to handle a variety of capsule sizes and materials while offering flexibility in filling various powders, pellets, and other formulations. The ProFiller's user-friendly design ensures accurate filling and reliable production. During our training courses, participants gain hands-on experience with the Torpac ProFiller, learning the ins and outs of capsule filling and expanding their knowledge of the encapsulation process in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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