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Suburban Tool Equipment
Suburban Tool Equipment

Suburban Tool, Inc., based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, manufactures precision workholding tools and inspection equipment for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The company offers products such as precision vises, magnetic chucks, sine plates, and gage blocks. Renowned for quality, accuracy, and reliability, Suburban Tool's products ensure precise measurements and workholding for milling, grinding, and inspection. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, Suburban Tool has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the manufacturing industry.

In The Techceuticals Lab

Suburban Tool Master-View MV-14 14" Optical Comparator
The Suburban Tool Master-View MV-14 is a 14" Optical Comparator used in the Techceuticals lab for precise measurement and inspection of tablet and capsule dimensions. This high-quality instrument plays a vital role in ensuring product quality and uniformity, supporting both formulation and development work. During our training courses, participants gain hands-on experience with the Master-View MV-14, learning the importance of accurate measurements and the critical role of optical comparators in maintaining product consistency and compliance with industry standards in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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