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Techceuticals Lab

Techceuticals Lab

Formulation, Granulating, Milling, Blending, Compression, Tooling, Coating, Encapsulation and Packaging (Bottle & Blister)

The Techceuticals Training and Development Solid Dose Lab: is a non-GMP solid dose pilot facility for formulation development, production, & process optimization, equipment performance, and team training.  The great thing Techceuticals is we are a small company with an experienced team, we can customize our programs to meet the needs of our customers.  We provide formulation guidance and testing of non-control substances.  (Please note: We do not allow any antibiotics, cephalosporins, or any live cell ingredients)

The lab is available for use with the guidance or direct assistance from Techceuticals.  Assistance equipment setup and operation, formulation development, and performance-related evaluations.

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  • Lab usage is billed at the following rates: Half Day = $1,500, Full Day = $2,500, Weekly = $11,000. Please confirm that you agree to this.
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Glatt High Shear Mixer and Fluid Bed

Fitzpatrick Roller Compactor and Fitzmill

Alexanderwerk Roller Compactor

Freund-Vector Lab Roller Compactor

O’Hara Labcoat BT System Coater and Lab Fluid Bed

IMA Prexima Tablet Press, Practica Capsule FIller, and Zanasi Capsule Filler

Fluid Air Fluid Bed and Coater

Bosch Capsylon 705 Capsule Filler

APPS Bottler (12 lane and 1 lane)

Globe Pharma V Blender

LCI Extruder and Spheronizer

Frewitt Lab B Mill with interchangeable heads

Quadro Comil

Natoli Inspection & Polishing Technology and NP-RD10A Laboratory Tablet Press

Riva Lab Tablet Press

Charles Ischi AG OSD Testing Technology

Kraemer Tablet Testing System

Mettler-Toledo Bench Scale

Ohaus CW Bench Scale

Sartorius Floor Scale

Techceuticals Lab Testimonials

“Hands on is the best way to teach a class like this. I came to your class in may with no knowledge at all and came to this class with a little knowledge.  Still have a long way to go.”

Merl Keller, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Great to be able to take lessons learned and put them to practice on actual equipment.”

Tim Kingsley, Zoetis

“The instructor is a fantastic teacher, really good at explaining very complicated material. Making it very easy to understand. Very hands on classes that help to learn the material a lot faster.”

Dylan Barr, Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc.

“Wonderful class!! As someone from outside the industry this class was filled with “Big Picture” information as well as “in-depth” knowledge presented in a clear and easy to understand format.”

David Larsen, Techceuticals Lab Student

“The instructor is extremely knowledgeable. This is a great class no matter if you have no experience or many years of experience you will leave more equipped to work in the industry and be successful. The hands on work in the class is invaluable.”

Brian Johnson, Techceuticals Lab Student

“The instructor is very personable, knowledgeable and very clean communicator. I saved a lot of time and money by attending the course.”

Brick Ogden, Techceuticals Lab Student

“Tablet Pro was a great learning experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone who works at a solid dose facility. The instructor gives a hands on experience that trumps any lecture type class.”

Jeremy Allen, Techceuticals Lab Student

“This course was a great experience and I would take it again. I have a little experience in manufacturing and after 2 1/2 days, I feel like I have 2 1/2 years of experience. I enjoyed the hands on experience and would recommend this course to anyone.”

Jacqueline Rodriguez, Techceuticals Lab Student

“This is the best training program that I have ever attended.”

Joshua Wickey, Zoetis

“Great class, I highly recommend this class for all professionals involved in supporting tableting operations.”

Techceuticals Lab Student

“This is my second training course at Techceuticals and I have learned a great deal of knowledge. The instructor really knows his stuff!”

Michael Henderson

“Techceuticals provides an in depth look into Tablet making, but what set the seminar apart is the instructor’s availability to address issues specific to the individuals attending and the needs of their facilities. Not only does the course educate on the operation of presses but also on the techniques to use when training employees when returning to work. Professional from all spectrums of the industry whether experienced or not, WILL walk away with an increased knowledge and the ability to apply it. Very enjoyable and educational.”

Chadd Clifford